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We would like to inform you that starting from the 19th of February 2019 fees for the visa to China will be changed.
The rates indicated on the website are valid until the 18th of February 2019.
New rates will be posted after receiving information from the consular office.



Welcome to the website of the Visa centre in Switzerland!

Simplifying and speeding up the process of applying for visas is a major priority for our company.

The Visa centre staff can provide advice on all issues related to applying for a visa, help you fill in your visa application, receive and process the package of documents and deliver the documents to be considered for taking a decision on an application.

You can get answers to your questions by phone or send us an e-mail inquiry.

You can make an appointment independently on the Visa center website or by phone.

The Visa centre will provide you with support and ensure that the process of applying for a visa goes smoothly and easily.

Taking a decision on visa issuance as well as determining its validity period are an exclusive competence of consular institutions.


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