General information

About us

The main and primary task of the Visa Centre is to accelerate and to simplify the process of applying for entry visas to the Russian Federation.

It is possible due to the collaboration between Russian Visa Centers and Consular departments of the Russian Federation, due to the modern technical resources and the cutting edge methods used by the verification and the proceeding of the documents.

The Visa Centre team would be glad to answer the questions of applicants concerning the visa application process as well as the list of the documents needed to apply for a visa to the Russian Federation.

To save you time all appointments at the Visa Centre must be booked in advance.

A multi-channel call centre has been set up at the Visa Centre for your convenience (contact details) to consult you on any issue that may be of interest to you. You may also send your request by email

The visa processing times

The Embassy or Consulate General of the Russian Federation process visa applications and decide whether or not to issue a visa within the processing times service standards (usually between 4 and 10 calendar days), once a complete set of documents has been provided and the consular fees were paid.

The processing times may be changed according to the decision of the Consular establishment.

In emergency case when there is an urgent need to obtain a visa for the Russian Federation, an urgent visa application may be submitted. In this case the processing time can be shortened to just 3 work days or less, if an order to that effect has been given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Federal Migration Service of Russia or the Ambassador or Consul General of the Russian Federation.  

Additionally,Consular institutions may process a visa application during 30 days if it is regarded as needed and given the reciprocal basis.


When documents are submitted as part of a visa application process consular and service fees are to be charged in the Russian Visa Centre.

The consular fee is charged by the consulate for consideration of the visa application. The consular fee may differ according to the category of a visa, a type of a visa, a number of entries into the country required and the applicant's nationality.

In the Visa Centre you can pay the service fee with a bank card as well as with cash. If you pay with your bank card you will be charged 1% or 3% depending on your card.

The service and consular fees are to be paid while applying for a visa. In case of denial of a visa they are not refundable.

You can find detailed information about the consular and service fees charged in the section Type of visa/Rates and time-frame.