General rules


General guidelines


Please read the following information carefully before your visit to the Russian Visa Centre.

In the interests of ensuring visitors' safety and creating an efficient working environment, the following are prohibited inside the Visa Centre:   

  • taking photographs or making audio or video recordings;
  • smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks or eating.  An exception is made for anyone needing to consume food due to a medical condition, and for whom the time when they need to eat coincides with the time when they are at the Visa Centre;
  • loud conversations, being noisy, using foul language, being offensive to staff and visitors to the Visa Centre or violating their rights;
  • talking on a mobile telephone or using other electronic means of communication;
  • listening to music on portable music players, tablets and other devices without using headphones;
  • disturbing other users or the normal operation of the Visa Centre in any other way.

It is forbidden to bring the following objects into the Visa Centre:

  • all types of fire-arm, pump-action weapon or dangerous weapon of any kind (regardless of whether or not you have a license for it and permission to use it); 
  • stun-guns, gas-canisters and other means of self-defense, cold steel weapons or sharp cutting implements, including cutlery;
  • explosive, highly flammable, poisonous or toxic substances and objects (firecrackers, combustible liquids, gas canisters etc.).

This is not a comprehensive list. Staff at the Visa Centre may also prevent you bringing other objects into the Visa Centre which could pose a danger to those around you.


Please refrain from bringing large bags and suitcases to the Visa Centre. Items such as this, when brought into the waiting room, could hinder the evacuation of visitors in the event of an emergency.

Please notePlease be vigilant with regard to any suspicious individuals or items which may have been left unattended inside the Visa Centre. If you notice any such items, please immediately inform a member of staff at the Visa Centre.

We ask you to bear in mind that the Visa Centre's administrative staff have the right to refuse or to stop accepting documents from visitors who ignore the above rules and demand that they leave the Visa Centre premises immediately.

Thank you for your understanding!