Transit visa



Transit visa to the Republic of Belarus

Transit visa is only issued for a journey through the Republic of Belarus to another destination state.
Maximum length of uninterrupted stay - up to 2 days.

Transit visa

6-7 working days

2-3 working days


135 CHF

205 CHF

group visa

80 CHF
(per Person)


100 CHF
(per Person)

for children under 14 years

60 CHF

60 CHF

To apply for a visa to the Republic of Belarus you need to send to Visa Handling Services GmbH
                                                                                                         Postfach 3168
                                                                                                         3001 Bern
following documents:



Passport which contains at least 2 blank pages for visas and is valid for a period of minimum 90 days after the visa expires.

1 Photograph

A color photograph must be taken no more than 6 months before applying for a visa with a clear full-face image of the applicant, against a light background, size 3,5 x 4,5 cm. We can also offer you our Photo service.
Please send us your photo matching the above requirements per (+10 CHF).


Visa application form

Visa application form, completed online and signed. You can also use our service to fill out an electronic application form (+ 10 CHF). In this case fill out the form.


Insurance confirmation

You need to provide a confirmation from the insurance company that your medical insurance policy is valid on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and covers medical expenses of at least 10.000 euros and the entire duration of the visa. Confirmations from several insurance companies can be provided.
Copies of an insurance card or a policy are not sufficient.


Travel confirmation

You need to provide a copy of entry visa for the destination country. If visa to a third country is not required, there should be tickets for rail, air, road transport submitted or their booking confirmed.


For foreigners

A copy of the valid stay permit in Switzerland.

Payment receipt

You have to pay for the services on the VHS account in Bern via online banking or with a receipt at a post office.

Signed order form

Please complete the order form on your computer, print and sign it using the link.


For children under 18 years of age whose parent/parents came from the former Soviet Union in addition:

  1. A copy of birth certificate;
  2. Copies of the main (with photo) pages of parents' passports;
  3. Documents confirming loss of the previous citizenship of parents.

For citizens who previously had Belarusian citizenship or were born on the territory of Belarus, it is necessary to provide certificate of termination / loss of citizenship or on non-belonging to the citizenship of the Republic of Belarus.

For immigrants from the former USSR / natives of the post-Soviet republics, it is necessary to provide a copy of the certificate of termination of the previous citizenship or a copy of the certificate of granting the citizenship of the Swiss Confederation.

Please note!

  • The documents can only be processed after receipt of money on the VHS account of the Visa Application Centre.
  • The decision whether to issue or refuse to issue a visa is taken by a Consular institution. The Consular institution may also invite an applicant to an interview or extend the visa processing time and also to request additional documents.